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It's a shame for Alykon

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It's a shame for Alykon Empty It's a shame for Alykon

Post  Shortie Sun Oct 24, 2010 12:11 pm

I know it's October and in the middle of a financial dip and business isn't as good as usual, but, people are still supporting the area. You guys. regulars and all returnees help to keep the place what it is, but, I've been on at the business owners to stay open to the end of the season as people are paying good money for their holidays and it's not fair if nothing is open.
this season the knock on effect has started to take it's course.
Yesterday, a coach load of holiday makers bound for Alykanas was diverted to Tsilivi as they were told, Alykanas is closed!!
Alykanas is a small place and a good amount of establishments stay open until the end without making much profit for this purpose. Now their resilience will be tested next year, after making the effort to stay open and the fruit of the month, has been taken away by the tour operator.

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It's a shame for Alykon Empty Re: It's a shame for Alykon

Post  tonybax Mon Oct 25, 2010 7:24 pm

think they would have had a right load of bother if they had TRIED to shift me to tsilivi (no chance)


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